Laboratory Tests

Our in house blood analysis allows us to obtain results within minutes. We can carry out complete blood counts, comprehensive blood tests and cytology. This allows rapid diagnosis of your pets aliments in emergency situations. Microbiology including mite testing is also carried out in house.



Radiographs of patients are carried out every day, with results available within minutes. We have state of the art digital x-ray in house, with results ready in minutes.



Our ultrasound scanner is one of our most used pieces of equipment. Its uses include early pregnancy detection, diagnosis types of heart disease and muscle and tendon injuries.



Endoscopic examinations are now carried out routinely on patients, especially those requiring stomach and intestine investigations.


Blood Pressure Measurements

These are critical in sick patients and especially senior cats. All patients under general anaesthesia must be continuously monitored.


Surgery and Anaesthesia

Every day of the week, surgical procedures are carried out here, both minor and major. Whether it is stitching up wounds, lavaging ears or neutering of pets, all are equally important and should be monitored. All patients must be fasted from 7pm the night before an operation (except for very young puppies and kittens) and no access to water from midnight forward.


Major surgeries such as pinning and plating of fractured legs and emergency surgeries such as caesarean sections and road traffic accidents induced crisis are also carried out in theatre with a team of vets and nurses maintaining and monitoring anaesthesia all the time.



You can make an appointment to see any of our vets by calling (090) 64-74020,  or you can just call in any day.

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Telephone: (090) 64-74020

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