Equine Services

Our hospital also provides a comprehensive equine service both in the hospital and on the farm. Routine treatment of all common conditions/injuries of horses and donkeys can take place on farm or at the hospital.



Specialised services

  1. Prepurchase examination of horses, both for private clients and for sales. We are on the prepurchases panel for Cavan sales.
  2. Routine digital radiology for export horses.
  3. Endoscopy examination.
  4. Lameness diagnosis, including nerve blocks and radiology.
  5. Treatment of sick and injured horses in both the hospital (stables provided), and on the farm.
  6. Stud medicine
    1. Routine reproductive examinations
    2. Ultrasound examinations of pregnancy and ovaries.
    3. Routine swabbing – results ready in 24 hours from our in house laboratory.
    4. Caslicks operations.
    5. Treatment of all common reproductive conditions.
    6. Artificial insemination.
  7. Laboratory Services
    Our in-house laboratory enables us to provide prompt results of blood samples, hair samples for ectoparasites and swab cultures.

We also stock a comprehensive selection of medicines including worm treatment, lice treatments etc, for sale to our customers.


Our equine services can be availed by phoning (090) 64-74020.

We know and understand that your pet is a highly valued member of your family. Our philosophy here is to treat all our patients with gold standard care, from the moment they come in our door, until they leave. This applies to both the medical and surgical patients, whether day patients or longer term.

Direct Contact:

Telephone: (090) 64-74020

Fax: (090) 64-73217

Email: midlandvets@eircom.net





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